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Paul Deffenbaugh
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My Blog: Words Matter


Paul Deffenbaugh has delivered countless speeches to consumer groups, business owners, suppliers, manufacturers, and media groups. He is routinely called on by the national media for his expertise in the residential construction market and has appeared on a number of national news programs.

Deffenbaugh instructs and inspires audiences on a variety of business topics. He uses stories and experiences from his own life – which includes stints as a cowboy, carpenter, and rock-climbing instructor – to enliven the presentations. Audiences enjoy his openness and quick sense of humor.

His topics include:

  • Social Media for Small Businesses – Successful social media strategies can help businesses increase leads, improve close ratios, and sell at higher margins. Deffenbaugh draws on his 20 years of experience in managing information content to help the audience avoid major mistakes and deliver dynamic content that attracts an audience.
  • 7 Keys to Building a Successful Small Business– Small businesses must succeed in 7 very important areas to be integral to their community. Deffenbaugh explores these areas and gives examples of companies that have been successful and some that have missed.
  • Maximize the Value of Your Business – Most small businesses shutter the doors at the end of the owner's tenure. Deffenbaugh provides specific goals owners must implement to maximize the value of their businesses, ensuring their legacy and providing new opportunities for wealth creation.
  • The Essential Guide to Remodeling Your Home – Homeowners approach remodeling projects with fear and trepidation. Deffenbaugh brings a unique perspective and knowledge that homeowners can trust. In this presentation, the audience learns how to select the right contractor for their job, what to expect and what to demand, how to control the project, and what to do when something goes wrong.