Define the Message. Become the Leader.

Paul Deffenbaugh
Deep Brook Media


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Why Deep Brook Media?

Paul Deffenbaugh has more than 20 years experience connecting business strategies to clear communication. He excels at taking complicated issues and presenting them as simple messages that engage prospects and audiences alike.

In those years, he has helped small businesses develop business improvement programs, identify best practice solutions, and deploy dynamic marketing technologies.

Here are four simple reasons why Deep Brook Media can help you connect your message to your business strategy. Define the Message. Become the Leader.

  • Experience. Deffenbaugh has spent his entire career working with small businesses, either helping to train and educate owners or building them himself.

  • Knowledge Base. As a well-known editorial figure in the residential construction industry, Deffenbaugh has worked with the leading lights of small business, learning from some of the great minds. He has developed standardized best practices, established marketing campaigns, and implemented sales processes to help companies improve, close more jobs, increase margins, and control costs.

  • Electronic Media. Deffenbaugh has embraced electronic media with a passion. Whether it is a website and blogs or electronic newsletters and webcasts, he has delivered award-winning content through the new media.

  • Content Management. Dynamic content requires the right combination of message, design, and engagement. The media and campaigns he's directed have won the most prestigious awards in publishing. From print to electronic, his ability to combine dynamic and valuable messages with winning design work has been recognized at the highest levels.

Deep Brook Media helps companies develop communication content management strategies that meet the needs of the new market